Management Profile

Avatar Public School is Promoted and managed by Aingaran Educatioal Charitable Trust , a team of educationalist and industrialists who are very much concerned about the future generation.

Their vision is directed into focused and planned action to ensure that every child in our care will be equipped with:

  • A set of spiritual and moral values - honesty, integrity and good judgment.
  • A complement of basic skills - linguistic, arithmetic, scientific, artistic, physical, inter­personal and intra-personal skills.
  • An enquiring and discriminating mind and a desire for knowledge.
  • Strong self-esteem and confidence.
  • The skills and the confidence to face lifes challenges.
  • The knowledge and the awareness to be sensitive to life on Planet Earth.
  • The ability to make responsible choices and to be open to learn from ones mistakes.
  • The sensitivity to respect every person irrespective of the things that make them different.
  • The skills required to deal with the global knowledge revolution.
  • To take active part in community development and our Nation’s progress.